50th Anniversary of The Yardbirds

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May 2013 50th Anniversary of The Yardbirds


50th Anniversary of The Yardbirds

St. George’s Suite, Twickenham Stadium

March 15


I headed down to Twickenham Stadium for the 50th anniversary concert of the Yardbirds.

The special event was in the presence of the Mayor of Richmond. The concert was in the St. George’s Suite. The venue was just the right size for an intimate party atmosphere.

The Yardbirds began their rise to world super stardom back in the 1960s, the decade which some refer to as the Swinging Sixties.

Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Top Topham, Paul Samwell-Smith, and Keith Relf were among the original line up.

Top Topham decided to leave the band in 1963, and was replaced by Eric Clapton. During the following five years, two other guitarists, who have since gone on to world super stardom, joined the band – Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.  In more recent years, a number of top musicians have been with the band, among them John Idan (15 years with the band), Ray Majors, Alan Glen, and Gypo Mayo.

Five decades later, The Yardbirds celebrate their 50th anniversary with a concert that  had an electric atmosphere – not just the guitars – but the people as well. Fans from all parts of the globe came to pay homage to this famous UK band which had changed the face of music back in the 1960s.

The fans lucky enough to get a ticket (the concert had been fully sold out many months before) were treated to some vintage Yardbirds. Past members of the band were there on stage, including Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Top Topham, John Idan, Alan Glen and Ray Majors.

It was a night of excellent music, combined with some very good sound and lighting, plus the 50th Anniversary Birthday Cake, ablaze in candles, brought on to the stage by Gina Way, the producer of the event.

At the end of the show, the Mayor of Richmond went back stage to meet the past and present members of the band, to congratulate them for all there hits over the years.

The audience left buzzing with nostalgia; it was certainly a night to remember.

Larry Richmond