All ‘action – no gimmicks’

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Feb 2013 All ‘action – no gimmicks’


CD: Buddy Rich – No Funny Hats


The title to this live performance by the great jazz drummer and his band is taken from a brief introduction in which he explains the philosophy behind his music – no gimmicks, just straight-ahead action.

The 1978 concert recording is an eloquent exhibition of what Buddy Rich did best – drive a big-band sound from behind his kit.

Here leading a mighty outfit aptly named The Killer Force Band, Buddy’s all-out stick work and ferocious soloing really power what are in the main some fast and furious proceedings.

The show taped at a high school in Sacramento, California includes renditions of ‘Bugle Call Rag’ and ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ – and a ‘West Side Story’ suite.

Russell Newmark[/private]