Brentwood rocked all weekend

Aug 2013 Brentwood rocked all weekend



Thousands turned out in the heat to The Brentwood Festival in Essex to see acts old and new – and were in for a treat.


Friday night had some great acts but the act of the evening was Chas and Dave (right) singing their ‘Rockney songs’. The Brentwood Centre really packed and they kept us waiting what seamed like ages but, once they were on stage almost everyone was singing along and doing their cockney dances. They sang hits from the 1970s onwards ending on ‘Rabbit Rabbit’, and the crowd went crazy.


The 11 acts for Saturday started at lunch time. We had a weekend pass but as it was such lovely weather, camping would have been great.


Guns Vs Roses tribute band did a fantastic job of recreating the original band with an authentic sound and look. Later in the afternoon, a younger band called Missing Andy came on stage, and the crowd erupted. The guys are fairly local to Brentwood and have a massive following. The band were professional, lively, and the crowd absolutely loved them.


Their music is of real substance, appealing to entire families and bringing the older generation music they could believe in once again. They sang songs from their Guerrilla Invasion Album, which I bought after the show, and it is amazing. It got to No.4 in the Rock Album Charts recently. When they had finished their set the compere said no-one would want to follow that! I’m sure we will be talking about this band in 30 or 40 years time, like we do with all our favourites in The Beat.


Main act of the evening was ‘Bruce Foxton From The Jam’. This is more than a tribute act as Bruce was the base player in the Jam. The audience may have been there nine hours in the heat but they rushed to the stage and loved the performance as the band sang ‘A Town Called Malice’, ‘Going Underground’ and ‘That’s Entertainment’.


The day changed but the weather didn’t, and we braved the heat again on Sunday. With lots going on at the festival and another 11 acts, the time flew by, Before we knew it, the last act took to the stage, The Who’s

Who – another tribute act. Again they were crowd-pleasers. The longest- established Who tribute band in the UK were very entertaining. I love The Who and this band didn’t disappoint me.


All in all, a great weekend was had in Essex with some great bands.


Brentwood Lesley Dunn