Debbie stays in Blondie

Aug 2013 Debbie stays in Blondie

 To THE RELIEF of her fans around the world, Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry issued this message as The Beat went to press: “No plans to stop working. Don’t believe everything you read!”


The Daily Mail had sent shockwaves across the globe with a report quoting Blondie drummer Clem Burke that Debbie was considering retiring after one last world tour with the group.


Clem said Debbie, now 68, was “11 years older than the rest of us, so it’s on her mind … We’ve tried to keep it going for as long as possible, but it’s not just up to me.”


He added: “Obviously there’s no Blondie without Debbie Harry.” Blondie, who completed an extensive UK tour last month and have a string of North American dates in September and October, are due to release a new album called “Ghosts of Download” later this year.


The American group, founded by former waitress and Playboy Bunny Debbie and guitarist Chris Stein in 1974, enjoyed major international hits with the likes of ‘Call Me’, ‘Atomic’, ‘Heart of Glass’, ‘Sunday Girl’, ‘Denis’, ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ and ‘Maria’.