Don’t be stupid Cupids

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Jul 2013 Don’t be stupid Cupids

Cupid’s Inspiration is the latest group name to confuse fans. 

From Terry Rice-Milton


I read with interest the Backbeat article – CUPIDS (no apostrophe, but should be!)

INSPIRATION back on the road (40 yr Reunion) and I felt I needed to clarify one thing.


I am aware that various line-ups have performed using the name since I left the group around about 1970. I am not disputing their right to use the name (I seem to remember the agent registering it back then, when Roger Gray the drummer, was the only original member remaining and it was probably registered again more recently).

I am sure the boys in the May 2013 article line-up are all very professional and deliver a good show but to say: “Naturally, the show includes our biggest hits, Yesterday Has Gone and My World” when none of them actually sang or played on any of the CUPID’S (with the apostrophe) INSPIRATION Singles or albums, is totally wrong!

Taking the credit for someone else’s work wrankles! I do not write this to ‘sing my own praises’ but merely to set the record straight.

Also, I would refer you to your September 2012 issue and the ReviewBEAT feature with the headline – Yesterday hasn’t gone, by Ralph Gowling, which informed that CUPID’S INSPIRATION

Founder member and lead singer Terry Rice-Milton (me!) and original bass player Jim Laughton (Laughton James) will stage a group reunion.

Terry and Jim will be joined by second lead guitarist Bernie Lee. (He did play and sing on some of Cupid’s singles and the LPs).

Your readers can check us out on YouTube any time, too!