Forever autumn for Justin

Mar 2013 Forever autumn for Justin



Justin Hayward has taken a break from The Moody Blues to release his first solo album in nearly 20 years.

“Spirits Of The Western Sky”, recorded in Genoa, Italy and Nashville, features Justin’s trademark vocals and guitar work on tracks like ‘One Day,

Someday’, ‘On The Road To Love’ and album opener ‘In Your Blue Eyes’, and also highlights orchestrations by Academy Award-winning composer Anne


He moves into new areas with the three country and bluegrass-influenced tracks, ‘What You Resist Persists’, ‘Broken Dream’ and ‘It’s Cold Outside Of Your Heart’.

“Anne Dudley is one of the true greats in the same rarefied class of orchestrators as Peter Knight, who was such an inspiration in my early Moody Blues days,” said Justin.

“I’ve worked with Anne on different projects over the years and it’s always a joy when she is arranging. All the studio musicians know it’s going to be wonderful.

“I also co-wrote a song with my friend Kenny Loggins for ‘Spirits Of The Western Sky’. He and I were both on the road and staying in the same hotel.

the-moody-blues-tour-beat“We had a great day playing guitar together and we came up with ‘On The Road To Love’. Kenny plays and sings on the track with me.

“This album is a labour of love. It’s been my whole life for the last few years. I know we all have many choices nowadays and I thank everyone who gives my album a listen and brings these songs into their collection. Every track is truly from my heart.”

As lead guitarist and vocalist with The Moody Blues, Justin has been a prolific singer-songwriter and his worlwide hits with the group include ‘Nights In White Satin’, ‘Tuesday Afternoon’, ‘Question’, ‘The Voice’, ‘Your Wildest Dreams’, and ‘I Know You’re Out There Somewhere’.

Justin, whose last solo album was “The View From The Hill” in 1996, had a major international hit when he teamed up with fellow Moody, John Lodge, under the title The Blue Jays and recorded the single ‘Blue Guitar’.

When he went solo, he scored more worldwide successes with ‘Forever Autumn’ (UK top 5) and ‘The Eve Of The War’.