Full circle for Peter after great 50 years

Jan 2013 Full circle for Peter  after great 50 years


Peter Wynne (part 3)

What is Peter doing now?

I asked Peter if there was much – recording-wise – left in the can?”

He said: “I did some songs for songwriter Roy Budd during the seventies. They were recorded at De Lane Lea studios, London, and included some of the Vernons Girls on vocal backing. EMI rejected the songs so they didn’t materialise. I don’t have copies of the tapes anymore – wish I did, I’d love to hear them again. Sadly, Roy died quite young: he was a brilliant musician and very much in demand for films.”

peter1Has Peter got copies of everything officially released on vinyl?”

“Yes I have them all!” (Smiles.)

Peter Wynne today

Last year, Peter released his first album on CD with 16 songs recently recorded in London, including two of his own compositions I Need You Close Again and You’re Mine, both B-sides to two of his Parlophone 45s.

It’s clearly quite some road

Peter has travelled over the years – and battled some ups and downs, but now, in 2013, he appears to have come full circle.

On his new CD, he sings many familiar standards from the past 50  years: Perry Como favourites It’s Impossible, And I Love You So, For The Good Times, Conway Twitty’s It’s Only Make Believe and rockers Mess Of Blues and That’s Alright Mama – to name a few.

When he set out to make the album, did he have a particular agenda?

“Looking back I really should have recorded It’s Only Make Believe. At the time, it was all new and happening for me. That song could have been a hit for me, so I’ve included it now on this new album.

“The Perry Como choices on the CD are because my father was a big fan of Perry Como. I was a aware of his records but didn’t pay that much attention to him until more recently. My father used to listen to Elvis, as well, and I have included some of his too.

“I had never made an album, until this one, so I did some songs that bear relevance to my career, starting back in 1959, and some other popular familiar songs people will know.”

In the past few years, Peter has suffered with a throat problem but looks ready to enjoy doing some gigs again now, with all the renewed interest. What happened to him?

“Originally, it was thought I had a thing called a ‘hyoid’ problem, which can affect the throat and tongue, but now it seems to be down to some muscles in the neck that, for a while, were causing me great pain. I was unable to work for a long time due to that: happy to say it’s under control and, though I am retired now, I plan to do some gigs for the fun of it.

I’ve done some in the past couple of years with Dave Sampson and Danny Rivers. It feels good to be out there again working with a young band who love all that old music and are so enthusiastic about that (early) time, talking about the past 50 odd years, as we have, just brings back all sorts of memories. I just hope I have been able to share some for you.”

peterDoes he meet up with any of the ‘old gang?

“I have seen some of the guys at shows, and speak with Johnny (Gentle) on the phone. I did a show earlier this year with Dave Sampson. Nelly (Nelson Keene) lives in Australia these days, Dickie (Pride) died young. I have seen Joe (Brown) at one of his shows, and I know Duffy is still around.

Georgie (Fame) went on to enjoy success, and Marty still tours a lot. Someone told me Lance (Fortune) was seen singing in Spain. We lost Tommy (Bruce) who was a funny guy. So some of us are still out there!”

Peter can be seen performing this year at the Arts Theatre in Pocklington, York. Show details are February 26, 7.30pm, with support acts and special guest Brian ‘Licorice’ Locking.

Arts Theatre, 22-24 Market Place  Pocklington, York YO42 2AR. 01759 301 547.

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