Honey at its bitter comb

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Jul 2013 Honey at its bitter comb










From the website: www.paulbonnerentertainment.co.uk/honeycombes.html

The New Honeycombs have toured with one of the founder members and now are on tour in their own right recreating the sounds of the Sixties and reflecting The Honeycombs hits. Current line up is Angela Rose (lead vocals) carrying on the tradition started by Honey Lantree. John Butcher (lead guitar/lead vocals). Paul Bonner (drums/lead vocals). Jeff Malin (bass guitar/vocals).

From the website: www.thehoneycombs.biz

There can only be one real Honeycombs!

There is another band in the UK known to be using the name The Honeycombs, who say they have a claim to the title; however, there can only be one real Honeycombs. This website is the official representation of the latest line up put together by Martin Murray, founding member and guitarist of the original Honeycombs and major contributor to their worldwide hits including Have I The Right and Love In Tokyo.