Jerry springs some surprises on radio

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Feb 2013 Jerry springs some surprises on radio


Jerry Naylor Interview on BBC Tees radio By Paul Bowen (The Bobby Vee Connection)

The interview with Jerry Naylor on Sunday January 20 was very interesting and well received. I have had feedback from around the world from people who listened to it on-line. One special e-mail came from Peggy Sue Gerron, yes, the same Peggy Sue from the songs.

In the run up to the phone call to Jerry in Oregon, I spoke about Bobby Vee, telling listeners of him being thrust into the limelight following the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper (J.P.Richardson) and the pilot of the Beechcraft  Bonanza aircraft, Roger Peterson.

After a song dedicated to my wife, Bobby’s reworked version of ‘Electric Trains’, I followed on with the links between Bobby and the Crickets and their body of work out of the Liberty label in Hollywood. This linked in very well and we brought Jerry Naylor into the conversation.

Jerry spoke about his Rockabilly Legends project, and Colin Bunyan the presenter of the radio show was amazed by the fact that Jerry knew all the legends personally. The conversation went on to outline the origins of Rockabilly music, from the slaves that were taken to America from Africa in the 1700s to today.

Jerry was asked about his new album, ‘The Rockabilly Legends 50th Anniversary Tribute 1961 to 2012’  – scheduled for release in the UK late February or early  March; the final mastering is done and production of the CD and booklet is now work in progress.

Jerry-Naylor-2Tracks from the CD were played, and this was a world exclusive, a ‘Scoop’ for BBC Tees, as it was the first radio station to broadcast anything from the new album.

A new song is dedicated to Peggy Sue, entitled ‘I Still Love You Peggy Sue’, also a track dedicated to Jerry’s wife Pamela, who comes originally from West Bridgeford, Nottingham, ‘Beaufiful Girl’, which tells the story of how Jerry saw her and fell head over heels for her. They were married within seven months, celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary in January. There are remakes of Crickets songs from the Liberty years, ‘Don’t Ever Change’, ‘My Little Girl’, ‘Teardrops Fall Like Rain’, ‘Lonely Avenue’, ‘I’m Not A Bad Guy’, and ‘Don’t Try To Change Me’, which are all really good productions. Added to these are some new works: one in particular sums up the title of the album in which Jerry sings about the Rockabilly Legends in the John Marr song ‘I Was There When Rock Was Born’.

In total, six John Marr songs are on the album; also a new version of ‘That’ll Be The Day’,  The album is completed with a couple of Gospel songs ‘Give Me Jesus’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away’. Completing the album are two tracks written by Naylor family members; ‘Nellie Fay Jackson’ dedicated to Jerry’s sister, written by her sons, Gary and Glenn Briggs and ‘All I Want Is You’, written a couple of years or so ago by Jerry’s Grandson, Jack Dobrzynski, when he was just 10 years old.

In an interview scheduled for approximately 25 minutes, the content from Jerry was so interesting, Colin Bunyan just let it flow to 45 minutes, commenting to me afterwards that, with some interviews, it is like pulling teeth, but with Jerry, it was good to just let it flow.

The new album is a wonderful tribute to the ‘Liberty Years’ Crickets and the style of music, and I highly recommend it, so look out for it. Jerry is planning a trip to the UK in the next couple of weeks, with a few promotional slots on radio and TV, so also keep a look out for him.[/private]