Judith is on the mend

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Jun 2013 Judith is on the mend

Judith Durham of The Seekers is recovering from her recent mild cerebral haemorrhage  in the Rehabilitation Unit at Epworth Hospital, Melbourne.

Graham Simpson, her bio-grapher, said: “She has begun an active rehabilitation programme. “When I visited her, she was in excellent spirits, and keen to progress with her treatment. We had an hour-long conversation about the forthcoming compilation album to be released by Universal Music to celebrate

Judith’s 70th birthday in July. The album has 23 tracks from her five decades of recording, including several that have never been available on CD before, as well as two newly-recorded tracks.

“Judith talked of the loving care and support she continues to receive from the wonderful team at Epworth, and the flowers, cards and letters she has

received from so many thoughtful people all over the world. She has asked me to pass on her love and gratitude to every one of you.”

Shelley Bovey, Judith’s UK personal assistant, told me hopes were high that the planned UK appearances will go ahead later this year.