Lens-eye view of Ike and Tina everywhere

Feb 2013 Lens-eye view of Ike and Tina everywhere


Ike and Tina Turner: On The Road 1971-72

Wienerworld Dvd: Mvd5276d

In 1971, rock photographer Bob Gruen joined Ike And Tina Turner on tour.

He spent two years, portable video camera in hand, filming their every move, on stage, at home, in the studio and 40 years on the footage. It is now available as ‘Ike and Tina Turner: On the Road 1971-72’.

Mainly in black and white, he captures the band at the peak of their popularity. Their stage show was now legendary, their records charting consistently, their marriage was still strong. Ike had total control and the revue was a slick machine that functioned perfectly. Some of the most fascinating footage is that of Tina at home, cooking for the family, Ike in the studio talking through the composing and recording process, plus the bond between the band and The Ikettes.

Live footage is brilliant for its content, possibly not picture or sound quality, as it captures performances using one static camera delivering the excitement of the revue, the fluidity of movement between Tina and The Ikettes, exactly as seen by a fan.

The relationship between Ike and Tina is fascinating to watch, especially with hindsight, as this independent view differs from both autobiographies, detailing a strong husband and wife unit, even with Ike’s mistress ever present.

One of the best tour documentaries I have seen, quality is questionable throughout but this does not detract from a very personal and rewarding production.

Jim Stewart 2013[/private]