Ray in Joe’s hall of fame

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Jul 2013 Ray in Joe’s hall of fame

Ray Dexter may not be the biggest name in pop but he was inducted into the Joe Meek Hall Of Fame in May.


“I played the Metro in Holloway Road, London. On an accoustic session of Joe Meek artists, I topped the bill. Afterwards I was interviewed for Radio Sutch, and they played many of my tracks,  like The Coalman’s Lament, on Chas Hodges Juke Box, and he told me that, without that song, Chas N Dave would not have written Gercha,” said Ray.


Recently, he recorded links to his all-time favourite records – all 30 of them. “It has not gone out yet but its called ‘Celebrity Special Choice’. Chas has already done one for Radio Sutch. My records are regularly played on The Joe Meek Hour on that station evey Monday at 9pm. I also recorded a video link for You Tube. “I have just received songwriting Royalties from Poland and Latvia,” Ray added.  His love of music started when he was five or six years old. By the time he was eight, he would get up on stage with his Dad’s band, the Hillbillies and sing You are my Sunshine.


Ray is still writing and recording.