Shock death of DC5 bassist

Mar 2013 Shock death of DC5 bassist


Rick Huxley, one of the founding members of 1960s chart stars The Dave Clark Five, has died suddenly at the age of 72.

The bass player, who joined the group in 1958, performed on hits such as Bits And Pieces and Glad All Over. The group’s leader and drummer Dave Clark said the news was “devastating”.

Pete Langford, long-standing member of The Barron Knights, tells me he spoke to Dave Clarke who had spoken to Rick on the Sunday before and he was in good spirits Dave was very shocked with his sudden death.

“Rick was our bass player for a while, replacing Barron when he was poorly, and we used to sit in bedrooms in hotels all over the country, teaching him our show which was very complicated.

“On his first night with us, he was very nervous and he jumped all over the stage thinking that’s what he had to  do: it was very funny.

“Every time we performed at the Harlow Playhouse, he was always there with his wife, and we used to have a great time reminiscing after the show. He was a very quick-witted guy and an extremely nice man. Sadly his wife passed away last year and she, like Rick, was full of fun.

“He will be sadly missed and we Barron Knights passed on our condolences to his family,” Pete said.