So, yesterday really has gone

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Jul 2013 So, yesterday really has gone

From Bob Poole,


Terry knows very well who we are and how long we have been Cupids Inspiration.

He was only in the band for a year or so but much more to the point, we own the name, as he, or anyone else can find out by checking the business register. He would be well advised not to go out under our name as we will take legal action if he does. I think it’s a bit late for him to start doing this now, bless him.


People who know Cupids Inspiration may know he was the first singer, so I would suggest he bills himself as Terry Rice Milton ex Cupids Inspiration, the voice on Yesterday Has Gone – or something like that. We wish him well, but you don’t take a car that had a new engine then, years later, put the old one back in: especially when the new one has the track record.


Please forward this to Terry if you wish and tell him that, if we are ever on the same bill, he’s invited to come up and sing Yesterday Has Gone with us. It would be fun: but we are the official band and he needs to understand this for obvious legal reasons.


Our manager would be quite upset to find the contrary, and I don’t want any animosity with Terry. He’s a fine singer but he is not Cupids Inspiration.