Starr and team performance

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Feb 2013 Starr and team performance


The Team – aka Edwin Starr band

The Jazz Café, Reading

February 15

Anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed the late great soul singer Edwin Starr and his exhilarating band The Team would’ve witnessed a collective of musicians at their peak.

Their astonishing live shows cemented their reputation as an outstanding live act rarely matched. Rightly revered for the storming protest classic, War (1970), Starr was a hero on England’s Northern Soul circuit, and continued to perform right up to his death at the age of 61 in 2003.

Keeping the legend that was Edwin Starr and his music alive is his original eight-piece band The Team. Formed in 1982 by percussionist Clive ‘J.J’ Hare and bass player Kevin Kendall, the band – since Edwin’s untimely death – have been fronted by Edwin’s younger brother, Angelo. Singer, multi-instumentalist and original member of The Team, his credits include Alexander O’Neil, The Funk Brothers and more recently Lemar.

On February 15, at the Jazz Café, Reading, The Edwin Starr band aka The Team features Angelo Starr on vocals with special guest, Northern Soul diva Lorraine Silver. They perform a special one-off show, re-living Edwin’s hits, soul and Motown classics as well as material from The Team’s new album, Keeping The Faith.

“The fans were always kind with praise for Edwin, and for The Team during our many years as his live band. In fact, it was their suggestion that The Team should continue Edwin’s legacy since we’d always been such a large part of the overall show.

“Perhaps because I would sometimes get called forward to perform a song or two in Edwin’s show, it ultimately lead to our decision that I would ‘step forward’ to front The Team rather than drafting in someone new,” said Angelo.