The Beat Awards 2014 – Vote Now!

The Beat readers can nominate and vote for their favourite artists to be included in the 2014 Roll of Honour.

Your vote will decide who wins the awards and gets into the top 10 places in each category.

Promoters and others who put on shows want to know which 60s and 70s acts you most want to see so they can make their booking plans. The results will be given wide publicity.

The acts must still be performing, even if only occasionally. All original hit-makers are eligible, but we will accept any acts that have rightful ownership to the name of a chart band. We will also accept revival bands because of their widespread acceptance as part of the Golden Oldies circuit.

Tribute acts will not be eligible, but artists may vote for themselves.

To ensure a fair poll and give everyone a good chance, voting will run from January 9 to March 26. Results will be published in April. It is a strict, fully-subscribed, one- reader, one-vote ballot. Editor’s decision is final.

Support your favourite artists by nominating them in our Poll and by going to see them at your local venue.

Vote Now!

Who do you think are the best entertainers still providing 60s and 70s music memories?

Best Group, Duo or Trio

Best Female Solo Artist

Best Male Solo Artist

Best Package Tour

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