The silver screen Status Quo

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Jul 2013 The silver screen Status Quo

CD Review

Status Quo: Bula Quo!

Fourth Chord Records.


THIS is the soundtrack to the action/adventure film starring Status Quo opening in July.



Yes, you read that right – Status Quo starring in an action/adventure film, and it’s set in Fiji. Francis Rossi said: “It’s a lousy job, but someone’s gotta do it.”

Although all the tracks would fit on one disc, we have a brace of CDs. The first contains the nine original tracks recorded by the band, and the second contains 10 tracks also featuring in the film.


For years, Rossi has written the lion’s share of Quo music, but he appears to have taken a bit of a back seat as he and long-time stalwart have only contributed two tracks, the opener – Looking Out For Caroline – and the closing Bula Bula Quo.


Rick Parfitt has contributed two tracks with Wayne Morris; keyboard player Andy Bown has written one, and bassist Rhino Edwards another two, with drummer Matt Letley writing Running Inside My Head. Rick has also produced for the first time, the tracks he wrote, while Rossi has done the rest.


Looking Out for Caroline and Running Inside My Head are typical Status Quo rockers and wouldn’t be out of place on any Quo album. Rossi promised that on this album, the band’s songs being of differing styles and he was right.

Parfitt’s Go Go Go was definitely written with the film in mind as the counter melody has hints of the James Bond music in the chorus. And Rossi’s Bula Bula Quo (‘Bula’ means ‘Hello’) even has female backing vocalists!


And, lyrically, he tells of coming to Fiji and – when leaving – vowing to return.

Years back, Parfitt showed a more quiet side to his character when he composed the hit Living on an Island, and the wistfulness is back with the slow calypso song Mystery Island (a sequel to the original song?)


Rhino Edwards has contributed the song that is the most fun, the reggae song (Quo doing reggae?) Fiji Time, where the story is of leaving the UK behind and having to set our watches to, yes you guessed it… Fiji Time.


Really a great collection of songs and oh so different to most of Quo’s canon, which shows that the band aren’t just the ‘three chord wonders’ they get called.


The second CD, as mentioned previously, has some live tracks like Down Down, Caroline and Whatever You Want.


Also, there’s a couple of tracks from the recent-ish Quid Pro Quo album. But the highlights are a reworked version of Rockin’ All Over The World (Bula Edit) and a return to Rick Parfitt’s Living on an Island (Fiji Style). Well, it was just too obvious a song to leave out.


Quo never fail to deliver on record, live, or whatever medium they choose. This collection – though different enough – still belongs with all the rest of the impressive catalogue.  Now for the actual film!

Status Quo


Martin Hutchinson