Who do it again in USA

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Jan 2013 Who do it again in USA


The Who, Quadrophenia and More Tour Prudential Centre, Newark, New Jersey,

Thursday, December 6

Having been an original 60s mod and survived my favourite group was always The Who.

I saw them in their guitar- smashing days, always closing with My Generation but never finishing it! I also saw Roger solo (with his own group which included Pete’s brother, Simon) perform Tommy and other songs last year.

Imagine my delight at opening the August Beat to find that The Who were touring again – only problem it was in America!

Undaunted, I went straight into Ticketmaster and spent an age looking for a ticket – anywhere – but did eventually obtain one – a cheap one which I upgraded when visiting the venue on the morning of the show.

I then visited my local travel agent to complete the arrangements.

One thing you can say about the Yanks is that they like their huge stadiums and this one, pictured below, did not disappoint in that aspect.

Although I do not think they grasped the old mod culture, they really got into the music, leaping about and singing along to the music.

who1Apart from Roger and Pete, the band comprises Pino Pallodino (bass) Zak Starkey (drums) – his style similar I think to dear old Keith – the aforementioned Simon (guitar) plus a two man brass section, piano and separate keyboard/synthesizer.

In the early part of the opera, an impressive backdrop of images depicted post war London, the world that Jimmy would have been brought up in, including events like the Profumo affair, skiffle, and finishing with mods and rockers on the beach.

Also, the film backdrop cleverly interspersed a bit of John’s bass playing and Keith sang choruses of Bellboy.

After the opera, it was time for the hits which included Who Are You, Pinball Wizard and then a great finisher in Won’t Get Fooled Again. After this, the band left the stage and Pete and Roger sang one last acoustic ditty – and then they were gone – all in all a great show. 10/10

Mike Davies

Old Bristol Mod