Wild historic rock ‘n’ roll ride

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Jan 2013 Wild historic rock ‘n’ roll ride


Wild historic  rock ‘n’ roll  ride

 Every Night’s A Saturday Night

Omnibus Press, £16.95 277 pages


He was born on exactly the same day as Keith Richards. And as it turns out, the star sax player Bobby Keys is probably best known for his association with the Rolling Stones, which began back in 1969.

But as the “selective” lists of recording sessions and tours at the end of his entertaining hardback autobiography indicate, the Texan musician has made many telling contributions to concerts and recordings by a wide range of premier league rock performers on both sides of the Atlantic.


However, his great friend “Keef” has written the foreword to the book, and the Stones naturally play a big role – with Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Lennon, Joe Cocker, Harry Nilsson and Bobby Vee also prominent among Keys’s professional companions and superstar friends.

His dynamic sax blast has helped make many songs very special indeed – not least ‘Brown Sugar’, one of the first he cut with the Rolling Stones. Others include Lennon’s ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’, Harrison’s ‘What Is Life?’, and Clapton’s ‘Let It Rain’.

Engagingly “informal” and lively in style, and illustrated with some b&w photos, the book records Keys’s adventures (and misadventures!) and gives a taste of the rock’n’roll life – with insights into recording sessions, tours and other activities. A number of the stories centre on hotel rooms – variously entailing a bath being filled with champagne, a TV set being thrown out of a window, and a substantial firework collection going off (by accident).



Russell Newmark is a freelance London-based music journalist who writes for national newspapers and is a regular contributor or reveiws to magazines, and of course, The Beat.


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