Mike and the Mechanics

Feb 2014 Mike and the Mechanics

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With a time-span of more than four and a half decades between his first and his latest recordings MIKE RUTHERFORD is showing no signs of resting

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Stars mourn Phil Everly

Feb 2014 Stars mourn Phil Everly

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Paul McCartney: “Phil Everly was one of my great heroes. With his brother Don, they were one of the major influences on The Beatles. When John and I first started to write songs, I was Phil and he was Don. Years later when I finally met Phil, I was completely star-struck and at the same time extremely im- pressed by his humility...

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Home-loving Suzi Quatro

Feb 2014 Home-loving Suzi Quatro

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FOR STARS on the Golden Oldies circuit, tours usually mean living out of a suitcase and staying in hotels just for one night all over the country or countries where the concerts take place.   For many, that is the downside of gigging because they are often far from home and miss all the comforts. Suzi Quatro found a way to...

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It’s the 50th anniversary

Feb 2014 It’s the 50th anniversary

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with Jim Stewart   Top of the Pops: 50th Anniversary Illustrated Hardcover   Patrick Humphries & Steve Blacknell McNIDDER & GRACE: ISBN:  9780857160522   IN THE EARLY 60s, it was common practice to transfer successful radio programmes to TV and In 1964 adapting ‘Pick Of The Pops’ into the visual ‘Top Of The Pops was a...

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Happy Days

Feb 2014 Happy Days

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The Musical Churchill Theatre, Bromley.  January 10   The Chill of a cold January night was soon lost on entering the packed foyer of The Churchill Theatre, Bromley, for the opening night of ‘happy Days – the musical’, based on the TV show and written by its creator, Garry Marshall.   With a score+1 of songs by multi...

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Artistes and artists!

Feb 2014 Artistes and artists!

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January was a busy month in Los Angeles and in the UK.   L.A. correspondent Elvis Aggy caught up with Ed Hill.   Ed was the baritone singer for Elvis Presley. He was with Elvis’ back-up singers, JD Summers and the Stamps Quartet, for 25 years. He is also the famous voice at the end of every Elvis concert saying: “Elvis has...

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Breafast with: Marty Wilde

Feb 2014 Breafast with: Marty Wilde

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Bad Boy’s look on life nearly 60 years on

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Dreamboats and Petticoats

Feb 2014 Dreamboats and Petticoats

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Churchill Theatre, Bromley, February 10 2014   I saw one of the earliest performances of ‘DREAMBOATS AND PETTICOATS’ when it debuted at THE CHURCHILL THEATRE, BROMLEY back in 2009, I loved everything about it then and 5 years on it is even better. Full of vitality and energy the cast take us back to the innocent days of when...

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Tour goes in search of a soul singer

Feb 2014 Tour goes in search of a soul singer

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By Ralph Gowling   Former Temptations lead singer Dennis Edwards, Candi Staton, Percy Sledge, and former Three Degrees lead singer Sheila Ferguson are among 10 Motown and soul stars appearing on a musical extravaganza- type tour of the UK this month.   The tour, presented by television star and leading producer David Gest, features...

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US Beatle invasion remembered

Feb 2014 US Beatle invasion remembered

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  “For many commentators it was a day that changed the world, both musically and culturally.   By Ralph Gowling   The Beatles landed at New York’s JFK Airport on February 7, 1964, to be greeted by hoards of reporters and thousands of screaming female fans.   That night CBS television’s famed news anchorman Walter Cronkite...

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Liverpool visit is ‘like Christmas come early’

Feb 2014 Liverpool visit is ‘like Christmas come early’

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By Katie Davis   Liverpool, the original home of Britain’s most famous band, The Beatles, is one of my favourite places.   The atmosphere there is like no other I’ve experienced. Being a Beatles fan, visiting Liverpool was like Christmas come early, with the excitement and anticipation building up on the journey.   The day we...

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Rockers of real note

Feb 2014 Rockers of real note

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FOREIGNER, with special guests Europe and FM, appear on-stage together for the first time when they undertake a short tour of the UK throughout April.

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Reelly rockin ‘n’ rollin’

Feb 2014 Reelly rockin ‘n’ rollin’

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Vince Eager nearly had a crashing fall off stage last month – 55 years after tumbling into an orchestra pit at the Southend Odeon.   “Joe Brown was backing me on guitar at the Southend Odeon and, to this day, he considers it to be the funniest thing he’s seen on stage!” said Vince.   “Last night at The Guildhall Arts...

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Man of courage

Feb 2014 Man of courage

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Bobby Vee has braved Alzheimer’s disease and recorded a new album called “The Adobe Sessions.”   The album is released this month to mark the 55th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP ‘‘The Big Bopper’’ Richardson near Clear Lake, Iowa on the way to a gig.   The tragedy also launched...

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Manilow to work nights

Feb 2014 Manilow to work nights

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Barry Manilow has a new album out in March and tours the UK in May.   “‘Night Songs’ is the most intimate album I’ve ever made, just me playing the piano, bass and singing – that’s it,” said Barry.   “The songs I’ve chosen are a batch of my favourite standards, most of them not very famous, but fantastic songs by...

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