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Jan 2014 Band in top form

CD review

Deep Purple

Perfect Strangers Live


MANY Deep Purple fans regard the Mark II line-up (Gillan, Blackmore, Paice, Glover & Lord) as the ‘classic’ of the band and were saddened when they split.


In 1984, that line-up announced a reunion and there was much rejoicing among the fans. More joy came when the Perfect Strangers album was released and it was a belter.


The world tour that accompanied the album kicked off in Australia, so that the start of the tour would be a little less high-profile. Australia was glad to see them and their reception was rapturous.

Sadly, only one of the shows was captured on film and this is it!


Recorded in Melbourne, this is the only full-length concert of the band at that time and they were in top form. Kicking off with Highway Star, all the band’s iconic tracks are played; Strange Kind of Woman, Black Night, and ending the show with Smoke on the Water.


The show is balanced out by a number of tracks from the new album, such as A Gypsy’s Kiss, Under the Gun, Knocking at Your Back Door and the title track (which features in the setlist still in 2013) It wouldn’t be a live album without the solos and Lazy contains the drum solo and even though there is a track named Jon Lord Keyboard Solo, he also has a solo during Space Truckin’ (with more than a nod to Keith Emerson), just before Ritchie Blackmore launches into his.


An earlier solo, during Strange Kind of Woman, had Blackmore putting in Jesus Christ Superstar and Waltzing Matilda. The band members were enjoying themselves and this clearly has to be one of the best Deep Purple concerts ever recorded.


The concert is over two CDs and the bonus DVD had the concert and a tour documentary. Parallel to 1984, when the new album was released, just as the band started their tour, this CD is being released just as the band are undertaking the UK leg of their 2013 tour.


Eagle Rock EAGDV026

(Also available as a package with the concert on two CDs and two vinyl LP’s.)

Martin Hutchinson.