East for Eden

Oct 2014 East for Eden

Eden Kane (aka Richard Sarstedt) is coming back to the UK, although he lives on the East coast of America.


“As you know, I’ll be touring with Marty Wilde and the Wildcats, and John Leyton in October /November, and the tour also has a terrific singer, Nancy Ann Lee.


“I’ve been doing my thing here in Los Angeles, mainly getting ready for the upcoming tour.  Also, I’ve been standing on Sunset Boulevard selling maps to the stars homes.  Yes, that is some sort of a joke. But you never know.”


Aside from his musical career in the 60s, starting with ‘Well I Ask You ‘, which went to No.1, he went into the charts with Forget Me Not, Boys Cry, and other releases. His acting career was interesting in one aspect.


Eden told The Beat: “Someone put on Wikipedia  that I was the only performer on the set of Star Trek (starting with TNG ) to be there from day one (episode  called “Far Point Station” ) till the last day of shooting on ‘Enterprise’, 18 years later.


“I had a few roles playing aliens and an Admiral on Star Trek Voyager.


“I basically worked for Paramount Pictures in other capacities. I would take the occasional break to come back to England and tour, mainly on the Solid Gold Tours with Marty, Joe, John and The Vernons.


“So, it will be great to get back on the road with my buddies on Marty’s Rock and Roll Party show.


“See you at one of the gigs,” he added.