Girl who never made it to charts

May 2014 Girl who never made it to charts

Donna Loren: These Are The Good Times.  Now Sounds CD: CRNOW 47


She was the perfect ‘Pop Princess’ pretty, great voice and a bubbly personality.


Between 1963-68 she, possibly, made more TV and live appearances than any other teenage girl. Her face was known across America and yet, despite all of the promotional opportunities, none of the records Donna  Loren made got anywhere near the charts.


‘These Are The Good Times -The Complete Capitol Recordings’ compiles everything Donna made for the label in 1964-66, 29 tracks in all, which can be split into three sections; A and B sides of all of her singles, many classic Girl Group songs by Brill Building writers, the ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ LP  – one of the ‘Beach Movie’ series in which she appeared alongside Annette and Frankie Avalon, – plus eight previously unissued tracks, including ‘They’re Jealous Of Me’ a Goffin/King classic, and an amazing version of ‘Hold Your Head High’.


A ‘Shindig’ regular, face of Dr Pepper, finest producers including David Axlerod, H B Barnum, Jack Nitzsche and Billy Strange, backing by The Wrecking Crew’, she had everything going for her. ‘Call Me’, ‘Woman In Love’ and ‘It Only Hurts When I Cry’ are other standouts, but nothing sold or, in some cases, got released.


Over the decades, many have begun to appreciate her talent again. I recall her from the ‘60s: forgot about her for a couple of decades, then had to find out more.


Check this out and discover what you may have been missing.


Jim Stewart 2014