Liverpool visit is ‘like Christmas come early’

Feb 2014 Liverpool visit is ‘like Christmas come early’

By Katie Davis


Liverpool, the original home of Britain’s most famous band, The Beatles, is one of my favourite places.


The atmosphere there is like no other I’ve experienced. Being a Beatles fan, visiting Liverpool was like Christmas come early, with the excitement and anticipation building up on the journey.


The day we spent in Liverpool was one of the highlights of my year, and of course, the first stop was The Cavern. The feeling you get walking down the stairs into The Cavern is indescribable. I imagined it as if it was the 1960s, entering the Cavern to see the talk of the town, The Beatles. I was not disappointed.


Inside The Cavern was just how I always hoped and thought it would be. The dim but magical lighting, the small interior that gave it a personal feeling and the vintage feel really captured my heart.


The Wall of Fame outside The Cavern in Matthew Street was also a treat. I was filled with amazement looking at each brick, and spotting some of my favourite bands.


Next was some of the best Beatles merchandise shops, including the Hard Day’s Night shop, which is simply any fan’s dream. Naturally, by the time we arrived at The Beatles Story Museum, I was clutching a variety of bags, full with merchandise that I just couldn’t resist.


For anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of going to The Beatles Story Museum, I fully recommend it as a Magical Mystery Tour. From the cute school pictures to the Yellow Submarine scene, the Museum is a must to visit. One thing that really stood out to me was after the bizarreness of, for example, the Yellow Submarine scene; you suddenly get taken aback by the replica of John Lennon’s


Imagine video; the white piano placed in the white room. The difference in the sections of the museum makes you reflect on

The Beatles and their simply amazing career, and the different phases they went through within it.


To top off an unbelievable day, we returned to The Cavern to listen to, and appreciate, the live music played there. Although it has been 50 years since The Beatles first played at The Cavern, they have definitely made an everlasting mark.


Listening to the live music in the Cavern really gave you a feel for what it would have been like, all those years ago when the four young lads took centre stage. The heat, the amount of people and the novelty of not being able to hear what people are saying to you really made the experience.


While in Liverpool, I saw a range of Beatles artwork. Seeing this amazing artwork inspired me to do some myself. With George being my favourite of the Fab Four, I decided to try and do a few drawings of him.


If There’s A Place you should go, it’s Liverpool, so get your Ticket To Ride and go!” I had a couple of title ideas, such as ‘All you need is Beatles’ or ‘Love, Love Liverpool Do’, both using Beatle lyrics.


Katie Davis is 15.