Maddness: One Step Beyond ‘35th Anniversary Edition’

Oct 2014 Maddness: One Step Beyond ‘35th Anniversary Edition’


First issued in 1979 MADNESS ‘ONE STEP BEYOND’ was the start of a new
dawn, a six piece band that brought fun and their own brand of 2Tone
Ska to UK audiences. They and their album were an instant success and
now, Salvo look back and celebrate with a ‘35th ANNIVERSARY EDITION’.

I had not listened to the album since its original release, but within
a couple tracks, I was anticipating the next song as if it had always
been on my deck, packed with five huge singles, the title track, ‘My
Girl’, ‘Night Boat To Cairo’, and two real gems ‘The Prince’ and
‘Madness’, both of which create the urge to recall ‘Nutty Boy’ dancing.
Bonuses on the CD are 14 tracks from the ‘Fab Tunes’ rehearsal tape
1979 consisting of unheard songs, work in progress recordings all of
which give a good insight in the mind of the band.

The visual element of the package is amazing, four promo videos, four
Top Of The Pops plus three Old Grey Whistle Test performances, plus the
full length ‘Young Guns’ documentary: altogether a ‘heavy, heavy
monster’ package.

Jim Stewart