Marrakesh Express man still riding

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Mar 2014 Marrakesh Express man still riding

David Crosby calls himself a lucky man after he heeded his doctors and underwent a cardiac catheterisation and angiogram last month.


A routine cardiac stress test had shown the left anterior coronary artery was 90% blocked, and two stents were placed to provide blood flow to his heart muscle. David – expected to make a full recovery – did not have a heart attack but may have done if he had ignored his doctors


“I am very glad I listened to my doctors and my family. It seems I am once again a very lucky man,” said David.


He had to postpone some concerts on his solo tour of North America to promote his new album ‘Croz’. They have been rescheduled for April.


“I’m sorry to have to move the dates, but I promise the music will be good when we do play them.”


David, once a stalwart of The Byrds, plans to go ahead with a Crosby, Stills and Nash tour this month.