Message from Brian Poole

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Jan 2014 Message from Brian Poole

Hi All

Just finished touring all over the UK with my good friend Chip Hawkes


When we first met, it was at a time when our music was very popular, and even the clothes we wore were given to us by some of the top King’s Road fashion designers.


That was 50 years ago (before my time, oh! OK, no it wasn’t). Ever since we worked together with the Tremeloes as lead singers, people said we should get together and sing all the hits that we each had in the 60s. Well it took nearly 40 years but here we are, in 2013, doing exactly that.


When we first got our show together, we realised we could sing for nearly two hours and never do a cover: in other words, all Top 20 hits, with two No.1s.


We did a short tour and named it ‘Me & My Life’, after one of the hits written by Chip. Then, one day, a short while ago, Chip rang me and said he had been diagnosed with bone marrow cancer.


Well, we had to postpone a few shows and the way I looked at it was: ‘THE FIGHT IS ON’, and with massive support from families, friends and fans, this particular fight was well and truly won, and Chip now has years of remission to look forward to.


So, back on stage we went and, suddenly, all the years of talking about it came together and we both realised this was – and is – a successful combination of two old geezers who still love singing all of our old hits together, and telling a few stories.


After making a DVD for the tour, which we thought was a serious history of our time in the Tremeloes, we were informed by Chesney, and the younger members of our families, that it should be called Brian & Chip Talking Bollox.

Brian Poole

So, we are now looking forward to our time as a double act and will carry on talking absolute sense (Bollox).


Personally, I am touring (on the Solid Silver Sixties Tour) as Brian Poole & The Tremeloes,from March to June, with Vanity Fair, Chris Montez, Chris Farlowe and Wayne Fontana.


Then it’s back to talking bollox with my mate Len ‘Chip’ Hawkes, the bravest man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.