Mike makes his mark in the USA

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Jan 2014 Mike makes his mark in the USA

 I get emails from all over and some of them are quite surprising for the news they report.


Here’s a typical one from a reader in the United States.


“Mike Pender has asked me to forward to you some pictures and a couple of messages from fans who were at the BigE Festival in West Springfield, Massachusetts that he was playing at a few weeks ago, on the Court of Honor Stage.


Kindest regards, Sylvia Beaumont. (I look after Mike’s web site.)


PS: I have attached the only pictures I have from the USA and the only size I have. Also, an MP3 interview by ABC 40 TV that you might like to listen to for snippets of information.


Phil Berube, Sutton, Massachusetts:

“I saw Mike yesterday at the Big E, he was brilliant. Being a musician myself, what I saw when Mike hit the stage was pure excellence, he was in total command of the stage, his guitar- playing was superb and his voice was strong.


“After the show I went to meet him, real down to earth person and it was a real pleasure to talk to him, one of my heroes. If you ever get a chance to see him play, do it. What a true professional, thanks Mr Mike Pender for all the memories. Forever a fan, Phil Berube.”


“My dad and I attended a day trip to the Big E Festival in Springfield, MA, today, to see Mike Pender’s show, and the whole group were just fantastic to watch, and we even had a sing along. My dad is in his 70s and recovering from a serious heart operation and seeing Mike on stage really bucked him up and he was feeling very happy and we were both singing along to all of Mike’s songs. Well done! Carrie Hannula, Central Massachusetts