Ozzy ‘clueless’

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May 2014 Ozzy ‘clueless’

Ozzy Osbourne says he is ‘clueless’ about who will ‘carry the flag’ for rock stars from now on.


The 65-year-old former frontman of Black Sabbath who also had a successful solo career, is concerned about who can take over his reputation.


‘That might be a very true statement,’ he told Kerrang! magazine when asked if he thinks music is suffering from a lack of rock stars. “I honestly don’t know who’s going to carry the flag in the future, but I wish someone would hurry up. None of us are getting any younger, you know.”


Ozzy says only an ‘extrovert’ can be considered a rock star.


“David Bowie comes to mind. He’s always original with his image and music. Nowadays, I have a problem telling who’s in the band and who’s in the crew – no one looks like a rock star!”


Ozzy revealed he never dreamed of becoming such a big name in music, saying he thought he’d end up a plumber.