Reelly rockin ‘n’ rollin’

Feb 2014 Reelly rockin ‘n’ rollin’

Vince Eager nearly had a crashing fall off stage last month – 55 years after tumbling into an orchestra pit at the Southend Odeon.


“Joe Brown was backing me on guitar at the Southend Odeon and, to this day, he considers it to be the funniest thing he’s seen on stage!” said Vince.


“Last night at The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham, I pulled off a close second when, as I walked off stage before doing a false tab, I walked into a mic stand and in my efforts to stop falling tripped on a monitor.


“Both mic stand and and monitor were black and standing on a black stage so I saw neither, and I don’t think going to Specsavers would have helped either!


“For those kind folks enquiring after my wellbeing, I’m fine thanks, and I took Sluggy for her walk at 9am.


“My right shin is not a pretty site, but I’ll live! And before you even think it, I only had a pint before the show!”