Several bands, but no original singers in them

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Mar 2014 Several bands, but no original singers in them

I was surprised to see Nigel Lees’ rant in The Beat.


Terry Rice Milton may have been the singer on the original (2) hit records of 1968 but he was only in Cupids for two years, choosing to leave before 1970.  The band continued as Cupid’s Inspiration without him from then on.


As I understand it, Terry Rice Milton did not complain about them using the name Cupid’s Inspiration in the 20 years the band first continued after he left. He was replaced by Martin Cure in 1970 and Bob Poole and Paul Shanahan joined shortly afterwards (working with Roger Gray, the original drummer, until he left in 1972). Martin, Bob and Paul continued touring as Cupids until after 1986 (I have programmes for the Butlin’s Festival of the 60s up to 1986 in which they appear).


When Bob and Paul left, Cupids continued until about 1990 with various drummers and guitarists (including Steve Walwyn now in Dr. Feelgood) and Jim Batty. – all these musicians being local to the Coventry/Leamington area.


The current line-up consists of Roger Gray, the original drummer, Bob Poole and Paul Shanahan, both with Cupids from 1970 through to 1986, a total of 32 years, and Paul Thomas, former vocalist with Peppermint Circus.


The argument that the singer is the band does not hold water – what about Sweet, Slade, Smokie, Herman’s Hermits and The Animals, all of whom continue to tour without the original vocalist and few, if any, of the original band members. The Troggs have continued to perform, despite the death of the wonderful Reg Presley. On Nigel’s website, he is selling recordings of, among others, The Move and Yardbirds, both of whom toured for years without the original vocalists.


Nigel Lees complains the current Cupids are making money based on the hits of a group in 1968 – how does this fit with his business which makes some of its money selling the records of obscure bands who never had hits in the first place, and to which he has, presumably, no connection at all.


As long-time fans of Cupid’s Inspiration from the early 70s through to 1990 and (again) since the band was re-formed, my friends and I travelled to Folkesone, last year, to see the band, and they received a tremendous reception from the appreciative crowd.


I am just glad they are back out there giving pleasure to many people who, frankly, just want to hear hits from their younger days, played by professional musicians who put on a great show.


Sheila Gent, Leamington Spa