The boys are back in town

Jan 2014 The boys are back in town

What started as a joke has led to what is claimed to be ‘one of the most exciting events to happen at Stratford Town Hall in over 50 years’.


In May 2009, before Rick Westwood’s retirement from The Tremeloes, the band members of his first group ‘Joe & the Teens’ surprised him by all meeting up at his gig at The Towngate, Basildon.


They all met up again last year for a forthcoming television documentary about the favourite local bands from that era who had played in Stratford.


Mick Clarke of The Rubettes joked on the day: “Wouldn’t it be good if we could all put on a show together?”


Before he knew it, Ken Johnson phoned him up to say he had booked the Town Hall for Saturday, January 25, 2014. In the early sixties, Eddie Johnson ran The Two Puddings Pub – one of the busiest and most fashionable pubs in the UK – and his brother Ken booked the bands. Joe & the Teens were one of them: and here he is now booking them again, after all these decades.

With bass player/vocalist Mick Clark and drummer/vocalist John Richardson, the fourth member of the group was keyboard player/vocalist Mark Haley. They performed many times on the European continent where they have a large fan base.


The Rubettes first made their mark around the world in 1974 with ‘Sugar Baby Love’ (No.1 in the UK) followed by other major hits like ‘Tonight’ (No.12), ‘Juke Box Jive'” (No.3), ‘Foe-Dee-ODee’ (No. 15) and ‘Baby I Know’ (No.10).


Mick said: “In those days, we were just an excited bunch of young lads wanting the world, but not really expecting it. Now we are looking forward to playing with the original line up of Joe & The Teens.

Boys Back

“The last time Rick and I played together with this band was 51 years ago, and he tells me he is really looking forward to it because, for the past 50 years, he has only been playing Tremeloes songs.”


The bands playing on the night are Joe & The Teens, The Falkons, This Group of Mine, The Saxons, and Sean Buckley & The Breadcrumbs.


The show is billed as ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’. It promises to be an exciting night of nostalgia and memories.