The good old days

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May 2014 The good old days

Fun The good old days with the fans – Joe Meek ‘Special’ – Borderline London April 27


A special concert to remember the work of legendary record producer Joe Meek at London’s West End Borderline Club was a great reunion night for artists and fans.


Artistes appearing included Cliff Bennett, Chas Hodges, Billie Davis, Danny Rivers, Ray Dexter, Dave Kaye, Robb Shenton, plus special guest Lee Curtis.


Billie took time to talk to big fan John Payne (pictured below who travelled from ‘up north’ to the Borderline in London specially to see her perform.


Charles Blackwell, musical director, pointed out that Joe would have been 84. He arranged many songs which became big hits for John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me -. Billie Davis Tell Him, and comedy numbers with Mike Sarne.


Chas Hodges, one of The Outlaws, played bass on a song that Billie recorded for Joe entitled Merry Go Round. Chas recalled it for Billie on stage, singing a line or two to bring back the memories.


Billie, Cliff Bennett, and Chas headlined the nostalgic show, with Danny Rivers, Rob Shenton, Ray Dexter, and  Lee Curtis.


“What fun I had with the fans and fellow artists who turned up to see the show. Among them were Jess Conrad. Graham Fenton (Matchbox), Roger Nicolas, and Julie Gilligan – who jumped up to do backing vocals with me. Roger Nicolas, part of harmony band Gidea Park joined in, and not forgetting Mac Poole and son Mathew, who split the drum accompaniments for the night,” Billie said afterwards.

 Billie Davis 2


Also there were agent Mark Lunquist, Wee Willie Harris, and Rockin Rickie – who did a great job with his team, keeping the show moving through the evening.


“Thanks must go to Out Of The Woods,  as a band who worked hard learning more than 60 songs for the incredible show, and also Keith Woods for pulling the show together,” Billie added.