Live rock and roll music

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Jan 2015 Live rock and roll music

Many of us will look back on 2014 as the year when too many artists of the 60s era finally played their last encore.

Other big names of the 60s have hung up their overnight bags and decided to stay at home with their cars. They will look back at the time when they bundled themselves and their kit into a van and set off on the road to fame and fortune.

Some made the fame but not the fortune. But they will still hear themselves singing and playing on the tracks they made popular on radio and TV. They and their music stand the test of time.

Their names and their music is part of our personal history. Of course, some fans have applauded for the last time as they too have passed on or are no longer able to get to shows. So audience numbers are dwindling and promoters are finding it more difficult to find artists who want to tour and audiences who want to see them.

Some tour promoters have cut down on the number of dates and venues they book for the 60s shows, so we must make an effort to get to see the ‘stars of the 60s’ while we can.

Our thanks to all the readers and artists and promoters who sent us Christmas and New Year’s greetings. We appreciate the gesture and were thrilled to hear from you all.