Town has Troggs memorial plan

Jan 2015 Town has Troggs memorial plan

A council wants to put up a plaque to commemorate Love is All Around singer Reg Presley outside the premises where he rehearsed in his early days.

Reg was a close friend of nearby Salisbury’s 60s hitmakers Dave Dee and his group, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich who also had big hits at the height of the 60s rock and roll revolution.

The Troggs front-man Reg died aged 71, nearly two years ago. He was sometimes called ‘Mr Andover’. Now Andover town council want to ‘celebrate having had someone famous in Andover’ by putting up the blue plaque in the High Street.

Town councillor Barbara Long said: “Reg was born in Andover and was very much part of the town. We want to celebrate that we had someone famous in Andover.

“The plaque would be outside where he rehearsed in his early days.” Test Valley Borough Council will decide on the planning application by the town council in the New Year.