Back to basics for Billie & Co.

May 2017 Back to basics for Billie & Co.

Billie Davis is in Spain for the week of Sunday, April 30 to May 7, but returns for her new stage touring show at the Gordon Craig in Stevenage on May 11.

During the show, Alan Warner, and Iain ‘Hound-dog’ Terry perform tributes, playing Nivram. (Marvyn backwards, according to Billie.)

On drums is John Tuck of The Shadows tribute band The Rapiers who worked with Jet Harrisfor many years. Billie and Jet recorded the song which gives the new show its title ‘Back In Our Rock ‘n’ Roll Days.

“I pulled these guys together and we have a bundle of talent here working together: great musical interests and influences, Blues, Soul, and Rock n Roll.

“I am proud to say they are all originals,” Billie told The Beat.

“Iain ‘Hounddog’ Terry, Graham Fenton performing will keep you tapping your feet to their many hits, including Rockabilly Rebel, When You Ask About Love, and many more hits.

“Alan Warner, original member The Foundations, had hits with Baby Now That I Found You. Build Me Up Buttercup. Bad Bad Old Days, etc.

“We pay tribute to Clem Curtis. It is great to be able to explore and perform with some great guitar renditions, Roger Nicholas, solid baseman original, Gidea Park, and in harmony with Vicki ‘n’ Kara, The Pitzzimentie Sisters,” Billie added.

Alan said: “I’ve always enjoyed playing different types of music including Rock, Pop, Blues and Country. That’s why I love working with the team in our show Rock n Roll Days. We include all those genres. Of course, I love playing The Foundations stuff but I’ve always considered  myself a guitarist first and this provides that opportunity. There’s even some surfing guitar instrumentals which started me playing in the first place.”