Share a Cuppa Tea with Peter Noone

Apr 2018 Share a Cuppa Tea with Peter Noone

Hi, Noone

Share a Cuppa Tea with


as he talks about aging,

broken hearts, and cats and dogs

Peter Noone is fond of referring to himself as Peter NO-ONE. Well, he is not a no-one but, indeed, a SOME-ONE, and I had the pleasure of sharing a big cuppa tea with the ever youthful Peter in my garden some­where in the green and pleasant land not so long ago.

Forever associated with the sixties pop band, Herman’s Hermits, Peter studied voice and drama at the Manchester School of Music. He performed in a number of acting roles, including an early regular part in the soap opera Coronation Street, as well as many theatrical endeavours on Broadway and in the West End, plus guest appearances on numerous hit TV shows in America.

Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone is indeed someone – and someone to be reck­oned with.

Tea anyone?

Here we go…

1) Are you childish?

There was always a place for childish behaviour during that British Invasion Period in the 1960s. I once thought it would be amusing to clear out a snobby pub with a schoolboy prank which was simple and effective…the stink bomb!

2) Do you miss the UK?

I miss many things about the UK, but, mostly, I miss the good humour and cama­raderie which is always found on a tour crew. I miss the England I knew as a little boy, but much has been Americanised, so I spend a lot of time in old villages and old pubs, like the one in Mobberley.

3) Do you miss Coronation Street?

I watch it from time to time and still like the idea of the street in Manchester. When I watch it I wonder if that species can be saved.

4) Do you miss your youth?

I am still 17 on stage, and although it is only for about 90 minutes it is exhilarating and hurts in the morning.

5) What is your favourite word?


6) Favourite British colloquialism?

Ecky thump

7) Favourite comic book ever?

Wizard (Roy of the Rovers)

8) Favourite colour (because enquiring minds have a right to know)?

Blue is the colour of my true love’s ear.

9) If you could travel any­where in time and space, where would you go?

Montecito, California

10) Have you ever had a broken heart?

Oh yes, but all so long ago. I can’t remember the names?

11) What do you see when you look in the mirror?

An aging pop tart who could lose a stone and be useful!

12) Cat or dog?


13) Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Both. I like the Stones live, and the Beatles’ recordings.

14) Liberal or Conservative?

Non-voter in the UK as I am a resident of California, USA, and for many years was a non-resident citizen of the UK which means I couldn’t vote anywhere. Please, let us all try harder with our vote.

15) Driving on the right or left?

I like the drivers in the UK because they only pass (overtake) on one side. I am the grandpa driver on your left.

16) Tell me a secret.

I am really 6ft 4ins.

17) Tell me a joke.

Paddy falls down a 300 feet-deep well at the building site. Mike shouts down the well: “Are you alright, Paddy?” Paddy replies: “I think so.” Mike shouts: “Did you break anything?” Paddy says: “There’s nothing down here.”

(I’m not sure I’ll get away with that – it’s probably classed as racist. EDITOR.)

Make sure you get to one of Peter Noone’s concerts this year as he is all over the place. Check his website for more information and details.

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