News of Judith

Jul 2018 News of Judith

Like The Seekers, Judith Durham has been out of the limelight for a long time, having suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Just recently, Judith was able to arrange a phone call from Australia to Dame Vera Lynn, our own 101-year-old veteran pop star. The call was set up by The Beat reader and contributor Derek Mead, and Shelley Bovey, who managed Judith’s UK affairs when she was touring the UK.

Shelley told me the two ladies ‘got on very well’.

“Judith modelled her voice on Vera,” Shelley said. “Judith has worked hard to overcome her physical problems, but is not able to work at the moment.”

Seeker Keith Potger was here in the UK early in June, for a short visit, but I was unable to make contact with him.