John Lodge Tour 2019

Apr 2019 John Lodge Tour 2019

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Asked why it had taken so long for John to tour on his own, his reply was: ‘I’ve been so busy with my other band.

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Tributes to success

Apr 2019 Tributes to success

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Money for Nothing, stated to be the No.1 Dire Straits Trib­ute Band is an amazing example of the accurate re-creation of the sound of the original seventies band.

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Suzi Quatro 2019

Apr 2019 Suzi Quatro 2019

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The Lady of rock is still in control

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Country songs you never knew you knew

Apr 2019 Country songs you never knew you knew

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By Pat Murphy

The music we now know as country evolved out of a genre that used to be referred to as hillbilly.

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Record vote never beaten

Apr 2019 Record vote never beaten

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Breakfast with: Nicky Stevens – Brotherhood of Man.

With the 64th Eurovision Song Contest looming, I thought it was time to look back some 43 years to the UK’s biggest success story of the competition.

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Brother dies

Apr 2019 Brother dies

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SCOTT WALKER has died at the age of 76. He was one of The Walker Brothers, whose hits were The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore and Make It Easy On Yourself. The singer was said to be “one of the most revered innovators at the sharp end of creative music.” Walker was an actor before hooking up with John Maus and Gary...

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Not at a theatre near you

Apr 2019 Not at a theatre near you

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One of the most distressing parts of my job as a jour­nalist, magazine and news­paper editor is to relay news to you that you don’t really want to hear. But it’s also upsetting for us at The Beat to hear that readers have stopped sub­scribing because we did not report something they’d hoped to see in The Beat....

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Share a cuppa tea with…

Apr 2019 Share a cuppa tea with…

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Leo Sayer as we chat about Versailles, broken hearts, The Little Prince and more.

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