Abbey Road 50 years on

Jul 2019 Abbey Road 50 years on

SEPTEMBER 2019 brings the golden anniversary of The Beatles’ multi-platinum album Abbey Road – the last work they recorded before their seismic breakup.

Released in September 1969, it was the end of both the Sixties and allegedly the biggest and greatest band of all time.

Now, leading Beatles historian, Mark Lewisohn – whose highly-acclaimed Tune In is the first part of the band’s definitive biography – embarks on a 21-date UK tour with his newly-created Abbey Road show HORNSEY ROAD.

The two-hour live theatre presentation – full of surprises, delights, humour and excitement – is a swift and smart illustrated history of The Beatles and their biggest album Abbey Road, providing a unique insight into the band which changed the course of culture.

HORNSEY ROAD tells the stories behind the songs and the lives of its four creators, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – the youngest of them just 26, the eldest 29 at the time it was made. The show explores the many momentous events during its recording, when the Beatles were creatively together inside the studio but falling apart outside.

This was the year of their breakup, and the album was made at a time of turmoil in their personal and business lives, when two of them were newly -married and the band lost business assets and couldn’t agree on future direction.

Mark Lewisohn’s archive of Beatles materials, harvested over 40-plus years of unrivalled deep access to public and private collections. On stage he will be talking audiences through an array rare music, photos, films and collectable artefacts.

Abbey Road wasn’t just another triumphant chapter in The Beatles’ unparalleled time together; it was their best-selling and last-created work, regularly voted high among the greatest albums of all time. Still now, half a century on, it remains a remarkable collection of tracks.

All performances are at 7.30pm
Ticket prices from £20.