Editor’s Beat: New Hermit emerges

Jul 2019 Editor’s Beat: New Hermit emerges

HERMAN’S HERMITS have a new member in the group, so the band plays on while others slow down and stop.

Paul Cornwell left Herman’s Hermits on June 8, for reasons leader Barry Whitwam has chosen not to reveal at this time. Paul has been replaced by Duncan Keith who plays lead guitar and also is a very good vocalist. Duncan makes his first public appearance on Sunday, July 21, at Southport Pier Café. The Hermits play two afternoon shows “and it’s a lot of fun,” Barry told me.

He added: “On August 14 we start our annual Australian tour in Adelaide, then playing 21 other theatres and finishing in Melbourne at the Palms (Crown Casino). On our return to the UK, we will take a short break then join The 60s Gold Tour, with Marmalade, Steve Ellis, The Mersey Beats, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders.

“Altogether, we’ll play 36 theatres around the UK between September 27 and December 15.

“Next year, in February, we have a tour of Norway and Denmark, before we begin a 55-day tour of the UK from h February 15 to early May, called The 55th Anniversary Tour (An Evening With Herman’s Hermits).

“We’ll be on stage for more than two hours playing all our old hits, it’s going to be great and we are looking forward to it. Later in the year, we are going to New Zealand and Australia again, then, on our return, we’re on another 60s Gold Tour from October 13, 2020 to November 28.

“I’d like thank all our 60s fans for their support and loyalty during the many years and Geoff, Tony, Duncan and myself look forward to meeting and seeing you all, and all again, on our return.

David Parker