Editor’s Beat: The Tremeloes return

Jul 2019 Editor’s Beat: The Tremeloes return

HERE’S more good news from an old ‘trouper’ whose staying power is amazing.

After a daunting spell of physical poor health, Chip Hawkes is going back on the road with Rick Westwood, on lead guitar, former member Mick Clarke (Rubettes) on bass and vocals, Richard Marsh on guitar and vocals, and Chip’s son Jodie on drums and vocals, They are the ‘new’ the Tremeloes.

Len (Chip) Hawkes told me that Dave Munden was not able to join them. He was in hospital after he kept falling over and finally breaking his artificial knee joint, and he’ll never play the drums again.

The ‘new’ Tremeloes play their first gig at Bexhill 60s Revolution and are also booked for Potters, Lowestoft where Chip appeared on June 14.
Do we have two sets of Tremeloes on the road now?

The Trems, all former members of The Tremeloes, apparently, are billed as “one of the finest vocal harmony bands seen in live performance today and with good reason, the band is made up of some “long-standing members of The Tremeloes.”

The line up is: Joe Gillingham, Jeff Brown, Phil Wright (longstanding member?) and Syd Twynham. So now we have cover bands and another sort of cover band from the ‘long-standing members’ of the original band.

How long before we get cover bands of the cover bands covering the hit singles we remember before Radio 1 was invented, and when a million-seller was needed to get a gold disc?

Still – if the cap fits and it sounds right ….


David Parker