Let the music be heard

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Mar 2019 Let the music be heard

THAT SEEMS to be Billie Davis’s motto as she spends as lot of time and thought in co-operating with other artists who don’t get the chance to work in their own right as their names may not be known outside the ranks of the band in which they starred.

So it’s heartwarming that shows put together by Billie and others from the era give us a chance to hear the hits performed by the originals, with or without the other members of their band or group.

The latest entertainment to be put together is The HITMAKERS SHOW, billed at the Civic Theatre Stourport on Severn, on Friday May 24 and Saturday, May 25, with 7.30pm performances.

As well as Billie singing her hits, including Tell Him and Angel Of The Morning, other names that ring a bell are Tony Burroughs, who sang so many hits with different bands he had to appear in three different acts on one showing of the BBC’s Top of The Pops.

Also billed is Terry Rice-Milton of Cupid’s Inspiration and original voice of Yesterday Has Gone. They are backed by the Bob Morledge Band. Bob’s name may not be so well-known but he has been a professional since he was a teen and played guitar with White Plains. He can play keyboards and also has a good singing voice.

The artists have all worked together in the recent past, but theatres don’t seem keen to book the show, which is sad as the artists work so hard to take their music to the fans.