Not at a theatre near you

Apr 2019 Not at a theatre near you

One of the most distressing parts of my job as a jour­nalist, magazine and news­paper editor is to relay news to you that you don’t really want to hear.

But it’s also upsetting for us at The Beat to hear that readers have stopped sub­scribing because we did not report something they’d hoped to see in The Beat.

Sometimes, we don’t report news and events because they are covered widely in the national press. Sometimes we cover news not covered in the national press. For instance, we were chastised for not printing an obituary for DJ Brian Matthew, but we were not praised for being the only national periodical to publish an obituary for Jack Good.

We do not judge who was bet­ter-known or did a better job by comparison, one with another.

This month, we are using a lengthy obituary on Scott Walk­er, even though his death was widely publicised and his career and influences widely praised in the national media.

On another scale, we read about the number of nightclubs closing, but we hear little about the number of theatres not tak­ing long-standing well-support­ed shows/tours any more. Is it because they don’t sell enough tickets or because other shows are taking up the bookings and crowding out the tours?

We had a letter from Mrs Kris Logue, of Sheerness, Kent, tell­ing us about the ‘small piece of the music industry on the Isle of Sheppey. She wrote: “It resides in Bluetown, once renowned for its naval history and dockyard, a tiny music hall dating to 1868.”

“After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, the music hall has been restored and is fully operational. This was achieved by the owner Jenny Hurkett and a team of volunteers. It is truly a little gem. The interior has been maintained as it would have orig­inally appeared.

“On reading through The Beat, I noticed some of the bands featured have appeared at our venue. Jerry Mungo and Eddison Lighthouse are just two. Paper Lace are performing in April and Lonnie Donegan’s son Ronnie is also booked.

“To appreciate the true value of this little musical gem from the past, it has to be seen, so if you visit, you would be truly amazed: small but mighty.”

The Criterion, 69, High St., Blue Town, Sheerness, Kent ME12 1RW 01795 662981.

David Paker