Share a cuppa tea with…

Oct 2019 Share a cuppa tea with…

Suzi Quatro as she tells us what’s new, all about her Happy Days, and love of Scrabble.

By Jane Quinn

She is a singer/songwriter/bass player/percussionist/author/actress/radio presenter/poet/trailblazer/multi-instrumentalist/Gemini…She was the first woman to become a major rock star.

Who else could my guest be other than Suzi Quatro?

Suzi and I share many childhood similarities. We were born just three months apart in 1950 into large families in America’s Midwest and were interested in the Arts from an early age.

In her youth, Suzi studied classical piano and percussion. I gravitated more to the written word, somehow composing my first book at age seven. In one way or another we both ended up living happily ever after in the Green and Pleasant Land.

Suzi went on to rock stardom. She reached No.1 in the UK and other European countries, and Australia, with her singles “Can the Can” (1973) and “Devil Gate Drive” (1974). After a recurring role as bass player Leather Tuscadero on the popular American sitcom Happy Days, her duet “Stumblin’ In” with Smokie’s lead singer Chris Norman reached No.4 in the US.

Today I am over the moon to share a cuppa tea with one of my personal heroes, Suzi Quatro. Want to join us?

Q. What’s new?
A. Everything…Documentary premiering in various cinemas around the world to great critical acclaim…”Suzi Q”. Very proud of it…Current album doing well. Again, amazing critical acclaim…best album to date.
Working on finishing an album with KT Tunstall. What an unusual coupling this is…very enjoyable. Also working on songs for next album. Also…Top Secret project! Watch this space.

Q. Happy Days, Bob the Builder, or Rock School?
A. Happy Days. Best decision I ever made…gave me a new lease of life…still friends with Ron Howard and Henry Winkler.

Q. Where do you keep your moral compass?
A. That’s easy. My mother was a strict Catholic and gave me very distinct tracks to run down for my entire life. This is ingrained in my soul.

Q. Essex, Detroit, or Hamburg?
A. Detroit is my heart…my first home where I grew up…never got over leaving it. Essex…I have put down serious roots. Hamburg is where my husband lives…fave city in Germany.

Q. What is your connection to Alice Cooper?
A. We have known each other a long time…since teenagers. He is a good friend.

Q. Do you sing in the shower?
A. No. Never.

Q. Bongos or bass?
A. Bass for sure.

Q. If you could have invited anyone to our tea party; living or dead, famous or not, who would it have been?
A. Probably Jesus…always wanted to meet him…always. What charisma he must have had.

Q. Tell us a secret.
A. Mmmm…I am a secret Scrabble lover.

Q. Annie Oakley or Tallulah Bankhead?
A. Mmmm…Difficult. Annie was a lot like me. Tallulah was a challenge. Can’t choose between them.

Q. Have you ever had a broken heart?
A. All the time.

Q. Did your dreams come true?
A. All of them…and not done yet.

Suzi Quatro is, indeed, a breath of fresh air as well as a fellow American pioneer. Can’t wait to have another cuppa with her; but, until then, I’m off to enjoy the new documentary, “Suzi Q”.

Maybe I’ll see you there…

SUZI Q the new documentary film about Suzi’s life is released in cinemas UK wide from October 11, with previews the week before.

©Jane Quinn
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