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Apr 2019 Share a cuppa tea with…

Leo Sayer as we chat about Versailles, broken hearts, The Little Prince and more.

By Jane Quinn

British by birth, now an Australian citizen, he is the cheeky chappie who makes you feel like dancing, laugh­ing, curling your hair, and all things upbeat. He is Leo Sayer. But there is much more to Leo.

There are secrets: secrets that you may not know about: secrets such as he was once a deputy sheriff in America, or the fact that he may very well have been the last person ever to have spoken with Elvis Pres­ley: or the surprising secret that he has no horse riding skills.

Leo Sayer still feels like dancing

And did you know Leo is dyslexic and could not tie his shoelaces until the age of 22? But, oh my! He could certainly do many other things. He is a singer/songwriter/poet/artist/multi-instrumentalist and entertainer extraordinaire, with countless solo albums to his credit who has also worked with every-one from Roger Daltrey to the Muppets.

Separate from all of that, he is a survivor, having bounced back from serious misman­agement at huge financial cost. And still he smiles, and that makes me smile as I pour the tea and settle down for a good old natter with my new friend, Leo.

Pull up a chair…

1) England or Australia?

Can I say I love them both? It’s funny how my relationship with the UK has grown since moving to Australia, but here I am. I’m happy because I’m used to living in exile. I did it when I lived in the USA during the 70s and 80s, got used to it, and it suits me fine. But I always love coming back to England.

2) Do you prefer being a songwriter, performer, producer, poet, or deputy sheriff?

Singer-songwriter, that’s me. I guess I’m an entertainer and a lot of other things too, but I prefer the first description.

3) What’s your favourite:

a. word?


b. song?

Blowing in the Wind

c. comic book ever?

The Little Prince

4) If you could travel to anywhere in time, where would you go?

In the reign of Louis XIV – to the court of Versailles. I’d probably end up getting guil­lotined, but I love that era.

5) Have you ever had a broken heart?

So many times that I’ve forgotten most of them.

6) What makes you feel like dancing?

Good music.

7) Where do you keep your moral compass?

Deep behind my heart.

8) If you could have invited anybody, liv­ing or dead/famous or not, to our wee tea party; who would it have been?

Bob Dylan, Julian Assange, Albert Ein­stein, Billie Holiday and Joan of Arc.

9) Who have you asked for an autograph?

David Beckham

10) What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’d love to act if it’s not too late. I will never grow up.

11) Have you ever fallen from a trapeze or off a stage?

Fell over 20ft off the side of a stage in the USA in 1977. I’m still feeling the after effects.

12) When did you last cry?

A week ago, a close friend’s death.

13) Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Ha! (I’d love it to have been Charlie Chaplin) – Robert Downey Jnr.

14) What are you afraid of?

The water – I can’t swim.

15) Tell us a secret.

Okay. I can’t ride a horse.

16) Did your dreams come true?

My career dreams did, but I fell off the horse!

17) What’s new?

My new record ‘Selfie’. I’m very proud of it.

So now our visit with Leo is at an end for today. But wait! He just told me he is coming to the UK in May for his tour which he is calling “Leo Sayer: Just a Boy at 70”.

A fitting title, me thinks! I must order a ticket quickly, as many of the dates are already sold out. Find out more about the tour and the new CD at

©Jane Quinn