Share a cuppa tea with…

Sep 2019 Share a cuppa tea with…

IAN ANDERSON of Jethro Tull. Join Ian as we discuss the Eagle, puppies, and being a cautious adventurer.

By Jane Quinn

A singer and composer, Ian Anderson is also a multi-instrumentalist, including acoustic and electric guitars, saxophone, percussion, keyboards, bagpipe, trumpet, saxophone, harmonica, violin, balalaika, clarinet and a large variety of whistles. He is the lead vocalist and founding member of the rock band Jethro Tull.

As flute-player, Anderson is self-taught, his style is inspired by another accomplished flautist, Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

What a list of accomplishments! And he can do most of these great feats while balancing on one leg. Just to add to his list of achievements, Ian Anderson is about to wet his whistle at my tea party. I, for one, can barely wait.

1) Dunfermline or Blackpool?
Blackpool as I left Dunfermline too early in life to have a meaningful connection.

2) Can you drive a car?
Yes. But not legally on the road. Off-road I am a cautious adventurer.

3) Flute, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica, or saxophone?
Flute, for sure.

4) What do you miss?
The point, as a rule. Man-size target at 50m with combat pistol, but not often.

5) Who buys your wardrobe for you?
Mark Spencer, my tailor.

6) Do you have a treehouse?
Lots of trees but none with houses. Treehouses are for the birds.

7) Where do you keep your moral compass?
In my back pocket for quick reference. Where does The Trump keep his?

8) If you could have invited anyone, living or dead/ famous or not, to our wee tea party who would it have been?
Beethoven or Handel.

9) What was the first record you bought?
Johnny Duncan And The Bluegrass Boys singing “Last Train To San Fernando”. From Woolworths.

10) What is your favourite comic ever?
The Eagle. Not too keen on Dan Dare but the Mekon (of Mekonta) was rather dashing.

11) Did your dreams come true?
So far, yes – but I may be due for a big disappointment.

12) What’s new?
My Fuji X-T3 camera and a rather fetching onesie outfit specially purchased for taking the new puppy out to poo at 5:30 each morning.

13) Afterlife?
“I’m not sure I believe in any life after death. Life is an opportunity as well as a test, but ultimately it’s all just preparing us for the big mystery of death. That’s pretty scary stuff for people like me who can’t face the idea of retirement sitting in an armchair watching repeats of Casualty until we finally pop off.”

So much more I want to ask Mr Anderson, but the tea is growing cold. I am reminded of a line from the Jethro Tull song called “Aqualung.” Something about “Salvation a la mode and a cup of tea”. Sounds OK to me!

©Jane Quinn
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