Share a Cuppa Tea with Jim Messina

Jan 2019 Share a Cuppa Tea with Jim Messina

Intelligent lyrics, lovely music. Jane Quinn shares a Cuppa Tea with Jim Messina who chats about Walt Disney, Love, Bolero and his metal shop.

JAMES MELVIN joined us on Planet Earth in 1947 in a land known as California before spending time in another land called Texas. James later morphed into Jim Messina, musician, songwriter, singer, gui­tarist, recording engineer and record pro­ducer.

He is fondly remembered as a mem­ber of the folk rock group Buffalo Spring­field (“For What It’s Worth”), a founding member of the country rock band Poco (“Pickin’ Up The Pieces”), and half of the soft rock duo Loggins and Messina with Kenny Loggins.

Who doesn’t get a bit misty when they hear those Loggins and Messina classics, The House at Pooh Corner or Danny’s Song? The combination of intelligent lyrics plus lovely musicality is a joy. Check these songs out on YouTube if it’s been a while since you have heard them; and sit back, embrace the beauty, and enjoy a cuppa tea with Jim and me!

  1. Texas or California?

Both in the past. Currently, it’s Tennessee.

  1. Childhood celebrity crush?

Annette Funicello

  1. Favourite comic book and favourite song ever?

I didn’t read comic books much, so I don’t know.

Song? Bolero by Maurice Ravel.

  1. Painter, musician, welder, or carpenter?

All of the above. Depending on my mood for the day or what needs to be done.

  1. If you could have invited anybody, living or dead/famous or not, to our wee tea party who would it have been?

Probably Walt Disney.

  1. Is love all you need?

Love is all I need when getting by with a little help from my friends.

  1. Where do you keep your moral compass?

Right in my heart.

  1. What in the world has happened to planet Earth?

Power and greed. Too much power and too much greed.

  1. What role does Karma play in the Arts in general and music in particular?

Well, for every action there is an oppo­site or equal reaction. In music, particu­larly, there are far too many notes.

  1. Did your dreams come true?


  1. What’s new?

A lot more tour dates for 2019. I’m looking at putting out a new album of unreleased material. Plus, I’m getting settled in my new home, which includes building my studio and my shops – the wood shop and the metal shop.

With the last drop of tea drained from my teapot, Jim Messina is off to his metal shop somewhere in the glorious land known as Tennessee, nestled in the middle of America while I return to my little house in the green and pleasant land known as England. Life is a strange crooked river, isn’t it?

Check out Jim’s upcoming tour dates and much more on his website.

©Jane Quinn