Editor’s Beat: Tribute shows don’t fill theatres

Feb 2019 Editor’s Beat: Tribute shows don’t fill theatres

ALL GOOD things must end, according to some soothsayers.

So the era of the 50s, 60s and 70s must end as well, we surmise: but will it? Nowadays, tribute shows are springing up and original artists long gone –and not so long gone – are being resurrected with full orchestral backing.

Not all fans think this is a good thing and a way to keep the music alive.

Not all tribute bands or shows can pull in the crowds. Recently, we reported on an ‘Elvis’ impersonator, Rod Stewart look-alike (and Rod’s still with us), Michael Jackson re-incarnated, and a David Bowie tribute.

We are also facing the prospects of enforced and chosen retirement, such as The Searchers and The Ivy League. Flying Music promotes the Solid Silver Sixties and say the 2019 tour could be the last one of its kind. Other similar shows starring ‘original artists and bands plod only gamely all over the country.

Sadly, The Tremeloes attempt to get an act back on the road seems to have come to a full stop. Dave Munden and Chip Hawkes are not fit enough to go on tour. Brian Poole is also going off-road.

Some artists keep performing despite rumours of retirement. Jess Conrad is a classic at 80, and P J Proby, of a similar age, has found a third string to his bow.

The Beat is also affected by loss of audience and artists, of course.