Go see them while you can

Mar 2020 Go see them while you can

Editor’s Beat, David Parker

Years roll by and the 60s begins to fade as the magical moment of re-birth for anation not long out of two world wars.

We are seeing less and less of the stars of the 60s as they realise they have to face facts – they are older, wiser and less agile. Some are no longer with us or able to perform, for one reason or another, and some have just decided it’s time to call it a day. Gerry Marsden and Brian Poole, perhaps, whose website is no longer up-to-date, are among others who recognise the march of Old Father Time.

So why do they keep going – those who still stand the test of time?

The Wildcats

The Rolling Stones are still rolling, and Marty Wilde – our featured guest this month – is about to take on a tour of the country, perhaps for the last time. Other artists are working less and some are booked but have to cancel due to operations, illness or other problems.

Dave Berry has not been able to fulfill a few dates recently, Wayne Fontana seems to be booked but rarely appears, it seems, due to his ongoing health problems.
One intriguing move is by The Tremeloes, who are back on the road with a group of originals from the 60s, and the son of one – Jodie Hawkes, whose dad is Chip Hawkes. Other original members are also on tour as The Trems, just to confuse things.

The Searchers decided that travelling the country night after night was not longer a commitmernt to fans, but Steve Ellis of Love Afair is keen to be seen and heard, and many others have put aside the years to continue to make their marks and entertain.

Most fans would agree that those bands, groups and solo artists who make the billings and fill the posters are still well worth turning out to see. Even if the members of the line-up have changed, the sounds are mainly still the same, and now, for many of us, carry long-lasting memories of those early days of pop music so many years ago.
We look back on the coffee bars and juke boxes, Coca Cola and cup cakes, and falling in love with the latest teenage idol.